Is there a reason to fear harmful side-effects?

The effect of the Chip is harmless. Our product was developed according the latest scientific findings and tested over a long period of time.

It still requires a minor operative intervention to implant the I-Chip subcutaneously. However our research department is working on a pill that can be swallowed, which then enters the lamina propria with the help of a nanorobot.

Does the procedure hurt? Will I feel it?

You won't feel anything at all. The implanted Chip does not cause any discomfort, physical problems or feelings of constriction.

As a private consumer, can I also choose to get an I-Chip implant?

Nice to hear that you are interested...! The implantation of an I-Chip is generally possible for anyone interested. In principle however, the initial focus of our market launch phase will be on larger companies. An individual usage of the I-Chip is currently being tried and tested in our research and development department. We would be pleased to provide you with further information.

Can employees missing in other countries be located using the I-Chip?

With our product CHIP PLUS PACKAGE, employees can be safely and quickly located via the GPS chip. The I-Chip opens up a new dimension in the protection of people from potential dangers and injury and in the prevention of injury, especially in the security sector.

At the same time, the I-Chip revolutionises the search for missing persons and offers outstanding solutions that already demonstrate the future of the market. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual offer.

As a private consumer, can I contact the worker who filled up my Yoghurt?

Simply call our service hotline or contact our support team directly by mail. Online questions will be available and can be asked on our website after our product is launched. The I-Chip encourages transparency and communication between producers and consumers. In this way, the production process will be more accessible and will strengthen customer loyalty. Furthermore, when producing in developing countries, there is even a possibility to sponsor the family of the workers. Please ask directly under the heading ‚sponsor’!

If I change companies, will the I-Chip and the information saved remain with my employer?

Since the employer is the owner of the I-Chip application, the hardware basically belongs to him and remains in his possession. Please have your supervisor sign a proof of receipt when you hand in the I-Chip. We assume that once our product is more widespread in the market, the possibility of deactivating the chip and having it reactivated by your new employer will also arise.

Is negative information e.g. written warnings also saved on the I-Chip?

Unfortunately written warnings are often not issued unjustly. However, should this be the case, we recommend that you obtain legal counsel. Please understand that a written warning is basically a warning from your employer. Since exact details about the reasons for the written warning must be recorded and could otherwise be declared as invalid, all parties are obligated to precisely and conscientiously inform themselves of the incident in question.

How do I implement the I-Chip International for human rights as well as against exploitation, forced and child labour?

Using the I-Chip in production sites in developing countries can offer protection for the local workers. This includes transparency and traceability of the work and key elements. In addition, with the combination of the Global I-Chip Identity (GII) of the employee and an electronic product description of the finished product, a direct allocation is possible. For example, you can offer your customers the opportunity to trace and find out who produced the product they purchased and more importantly, under which conditions the product was produced. These measures enable a direct influence on production conditions.

Why can't unauthorised persons access my data?

When it comes to technology solutions, data protection and data security are of utmost importance to our company. Therefore your data will be handled in strictest confidence and will also be saved in an encrypted form. Of course your data will not be processed in any way nor will it be passed on to third parties. In addition, a user profile or anything similar will not be created by I-Chip International or its customers.

As a Chip carrier, how can I recognise other Chip carriers?

According to a survey by well-known institutes, employees with an implanted chip feel safer and can identify more with their employer. With our CHIP OFFICER PACKAGE, you can even exchange data with other Chip-carriers in .vcf format. In this way, you save the tiresome typing and the dusty archiving of business cards.