Research and Development

We strive to be one step ahead all the time. Our goal is not only to react to the needs of our customers but also to work as a future-oriented high-tech company on the cutting edge of technology. In this way, we have succeeded in being able to offer a continually developing product range of the highest standard.

* Education is our greatest asset. The I-Chip is regarded as a corporate citizen and integrates sustainability with its core business. Within the framework of the Pisa Debate, the I-Chip has an algorithm for correlating and evaluating the gathered data with regards to performance and abilities. It is patented under the patent number 376,967,556. Be prepared for the possibility of creating precise information about the educational structure of our I-Chip carriers.

* I-Skill-Engine is a search engine technology for staff recruitment, which revolutionises the possibility of employer-employee-matching and recognises the search for capable and motivated employees as one of the most important tasks of company personnel policy.